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No Greater Love

Pro-Life Stories that Enkindle Action

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With the overturning of Roe v. Wade, it has become clear that changing the law is only a small part of the battle. To truly save lives and souls, we must reclaim our culture.

No Greater Love is a project that is part documentary, part short film, part VLOG, combined in a way that inspires people to get actively involved in the Pro-Life movement.

As we produce short films, we invite you to journey with us as we encounter God's grace in action and learn how to take a more active role for good.

A Mission and Vision

for Life


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Four years ago, a filmmaker named William encountered a man named Kevin on the sidewalk in front of an abortion facility. Kevin was trying to save lives, and he carried with him a photo album filled with pictures of some of the children he had saved. This was one of the most powerful things William had ever seen because these were real people who were alive today because someone was willing to stand up for them. After learning more about Kevin's story, William knew this would make a moving film that needed to be shared.

About a month before Roe v. Wade was overturned, William shared Kevin's story with fellow filmmaker Jonathan, who wholeheartedly agreed with William's vision. After spending two weeks filming Kevin's story, both of them realized this idea was more of a movement than a single film.

Jonathan and William are a team of filmmakers who have put their heads together to make this project come to life. With over 3 decades of combined experience, their storytelling and cinematography are top notch, providing an incredibly immersive experience.

what's it all about?

"Where evil abounds,

god's grace abounds more."

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