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The Seeds of No Greater Love | William's Story

By William Scheremet

I was laying in a hotel room by myself, weeping with tremendous grief. The only way I know how to describe it is that it was like Abba allowed me to feel what He feels about abortion. Sorrow, pain, anger, and grief filled my soul. I had just driven across the country to Colorado as an act of faith, and I had many other things to worry about, but this was on my mind. Earlier that day, the Freedom Tower in New York had been lit up pink to celebrate the passing of an abortion bill that would allow abortion up to the point of birth. When I became a follower of Messiah, many of my perspectives changed, including abortion, but I hadn’t truly gained the conviction of how evil it was until this point. Now I understood.

Once I found a place to live, and I settled in a bit, I decided to see if there were any Planned Parenthoods near where I lived. Sure enough, one of the largest ones in the country was just a few miles away. I started going there to pray when I had free time, and I discovered that there were a bunch of people who already did this too. More than that, there were some who tried to reach out to the people going in to give them resources and offer them help so they wouldn’t have to kill their children.

One day, I rolled up to a small group of people I hadn’t met yet, in order to introduce myself. They were discussing a documentary about cases of rape and incest that one of them had helped produce. I mentioned that I was a filmmaker, and the man who was involved with that film shared how he wanted to make another documentary at some point. His name was Kevin. One of the things Kevin carried with him was a photo album that was full of pictures of babies that he had helped rescue from abortion. Seeing real people that were alive at that moment because someone was willing to stand up for them was incredibly powerful.

Not much came of the documentary idea at that time, but Kevin and I started becoming friends. We shared a lot of the same beliefs, and I was able to learn a lot from him about abortion and how to be an advocate for children in the womb, as well as their fathers and mothers. Kevin had been doing this for years, and he obviously had a special calling on his life.

Fast forward a few years. I had just moved back to Minnesota, and my filmmaker friend Jonathan and I were talking. I shared the story of meeting Kevin and seeing his baby save album, and I shared how I wanted to tell some of these stories, and how Kevin had mentioned making another documentary. Jonathan seemed struck by the idea, and quickly suggested that we needed to make a film. That’s where the seeds of No Greater Love were planted. It took some time, but eventually we came up with a plan and decided to go for it. We didn’t have a ton of time or money, but we decided to take a leap of faith and just do something. We both had skills in filmmaking, and we knew we could tell these stories in a way that was both engaging and meaningful. Now, we are at the point where the seeds have sprouted and we are waiting for them to grow.

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